The Potomac River offers some of the best oyster breeding grounds around. The specific oyster grounds used by Potomac River Oyster Company have the ideal salt water concentration to give that perfect slightly salty, but never overwhelming, taste.  Ideal for those concerned about sodium intake.  Eating oysters taken from the Potomac River dates back to the times of the native American and  early English settlers, who enjoyed eating oysters roasted, stewed, raw and pickled. In fact, small wars known as the Oyster Wars were started as arguments cropped up over ownership of these tasty morsels.

Coan RiverOur farms are located in the pristine waters around the Coan River and the shallow waters off Virginia’s Hog Island.  The oysters start out in a local hatchery as spat (baby oysters) and measure around 2mm, about the size of a grain of sand.  Upon a quick arrival at our home base the spat are placed in a on-land downweller until they reach 8-10mm.  At this point they are moved into protective grow out bags inside cages.  Once the oysters reach cage size they are removed from the bags and put directly into the cages.  We wash, tumble and grade the oysters during the different growth stages.  Every oyster order is freshly harvested, washed and hand packaged in a cold storage container to assure maximum freshness and first-rate flavor.

We pride ourselves on the individual attention we give to every oyster and especially every customer.  Don’t just think about them order now!